Mortgage Alliance Launches New Season of MAC TV

The largely popular live broadcast from the Mortgage Alliance Head Office every Monday is beginning its 3rd season starting on Monday September 13th. Every week over 1,000 Mortgage Alliance members tune in to the live broadcast that features a myriad of guests ranging from Lenders, Industry Experts, Department Heads and Broker Panels.

But this season will mark a “first” as MAC TV will be offered to consumers directly. Consumers will be able to tune into special broadcasts that have been created to help educate consumers about the advantages and benefits of working with a mortgage professional.

These special broadcasts will be interactive and will allow consumers to send specific questions to the host, Michael Beckette, President & C.E.O. of Mortgage Alliance with respective responses being delivered live during the broadcast.

Consumers have questions, and MAC TV will be there to help them gather the information and answers their looking for.

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