Mortgage  Alliance/MPH,  Canada’s  largest  network  of  independent  Mortgage  Professionals,  and  the  creators  of  the  Right Mortgage®,  one  of  the  most  successful  mortgage  products  and  the  only  mortgage  broker  product   to  ever  to  be  listed  on  the  prestigious  Fisal  Agents  Mortgage  table,  is  pleased  to  introduce  the  new  mortgage  product  designed  for  today’s  changing  consumer  attitude  ‐ the  Smart Mortgage™.

As  Canadian  attitudes  towards  credit  change  and  we  begin  to  move  forward  with  renewed  consumer  confidence,  the  Mortgage  Alliance  Smart Mortgage™  is  at  the  right  place…at  the  right  time.

The  Smart Mortgage™  by  Mortgage  Alliance  shows  consumers  how  to  save  money  by  paying  the  LEAST  amount  of  interest   over  the  term  of  their  mortgage or  how  to  use  their  Smart Mortgage™  to  achieve  their  financial  and/or  lifestyle  goals.

In  this  hypersensitive  credit  environment,  the  Smart Mortgage™  gives  Canadians  the  distinct  benefit  of  accelerated  home  ownership  via  a  reduction  in  interest  paid  and  becoming  mortgage  free faster.  Consumers  can  also  use  the  Smart Mortgage™  to  help  achieve  life  goals  like  investment,  vacation,  post  secondary  education  expenses  or  personal  wealth  accumulation.

Mortgage  Alliance  professionals  work  with  consumers  demonstrating  in  real‐time  the  options,  benefits  and  impact  of  the  Smart Mortgage™.  This  affords  the  consumer  the  opportunity  to  make  the  decisions  that  help  them  achieve  their  goals.

“Like  our  successful  Right Mortgage®,  the  Smart Mortgage™  places  the  control  of  the  mortgage  process  directly  in  the  hands  of  the  customer  and  that’s  just  where  it  should  be.  They  can  self‐select  the  parameters  of  their  personal  Smart Mortgage™  with  the  guidance  and  counsel  of  a  Mortgage  Alliance  professional,”  said  Michael  Beckette,  President  and  C.E.O. of Mortgage Alliance.

“People  today  are  not  looking  to  over  extend  themselves  from  a  credit  perspective  and  we  have  witnessed  first -hand  how  “Canadian  Conservatism”  has  transformed  this  country  and  it’s  patrons  into  a  coveted  global  economic  position.”

The  spirit  of  the  Smart Mortgage™  empowers  Canadians  to  navigate  their  own  home  ownership  destiny  –  in  a  typical  Canadian  fashion.”  “Pay  less  interest  and  gain  more  equity  is  the  desired  outcome  these  days,  and  informed  people  know  it’s  not  just  the  rate”,  stated  Mr.Beckette.

For  more  information  about  Mortgage  Alliance  or  the  Smart Mortgage™,  please  contact

Louie  Bettio,  Brand  Champion,  Mortgage  Alliance or  one  of  our  1800  mortgage  professionals.

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