On Sunday July 11th, the 2010 MAC Rally of Hope will depart from Vancouver British Columbia and make it’s way across Canada to it’s final destination arriving in St. John’s Newfoundland on Sunday July 25th 

This motorcycle event is open to all riders in Canada.

Riders can join for a specific segment of the ride or participate in entire the coast‐to‐coast MAC rally of Hope ride.

This special event has been created to raise awareness and funds in support of Breast Cancer research….a disease that affects thousands of women, men and families every year in Canada.

This is the second fund raising event for the Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada (MAC) supporting breast cancer research. In 2008, the MAC Ride raised over $75,000 dollars in support of breast cancer research and this year the company is hoping to surpass that achievement.

Riders who wish to join this event have two options for raising donations:

  1. Riders who raise a minimum of $250 in donations can join for any one specific segment of the ride
  2. Riders who generate a minimum of $3,000 in donations can ride across Canada in the National MAC Rally Ride of Hope.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of riding across this beautiful country we call Canada or who wishes to join part of the event can log on to where they will find out more information and register for the 2010 MAC Rally of Hope, supporting Breast Cancer Research.

For more information, you can also contact Louie Bettio by email at

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