In just 24 months, The Right Mortgage® has reached a pinnacle in mortgage sales. $2 Billion dollars under administration!

The Right Mortgage® created a revolution within the mortgage industry by allowing consumers to self-select the terms, features and rate they desired versus the traditional way of getting a mortgage.

“By allowing consumers the choice to build their own mortgage with the counsel of a Mortgage Alliance Professional, they’ve enjoyed the ability to control and navigate through the mortgage process on their own terms – it’s their Right Mortgage®” said Michael Beckette.

“A simple idea is always embraced with the greatest enthusiasm especially in what’s commonly a stressful and anxiety-ridden situation as applying for a mortgage is”, he went on to say.

The combination of a street-savvy intuition combined with a contemporary Mortgage Lender has lead to one of the best mortgage launches in Canadian history.

When asked what else Mortgage Alliance has in store for the Canadian mortgage consumer, he said, “we have 1700 entrepreneurial mortgage professionals working with us and our best asset is the ability to listen to our customers, create and deliver faster than any one else.  We’re seeing consumers respond well to our new Smart Mortgage™ a process that shows them how to pay the least amount of interest and be mortgage free faster. Just like Right Mortgage® it’s empowering the consumer!

And in today’s new economy, all of us have seen the peril and cost of what happens when corporations lack those new-world skills.

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