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Celia Schneider

Mortgage Agent

101-2275 Upper Middle Rd E, Oakville, ON, L6H 0C3

I’ve been a mortgage professional, serving Halton, the GTA and clients in Alberta, Montreal and Vancouver for over 5 years. I’m an active member of Toast Master, and I also supports and sponsors events in the community such as CCAMRE Rotary Club Run and Walk.

My priority is to educate new Canadians on the financial aspect of their new country.

I work for you, not the banks, and provide unbiased guidance in your mortgage decision. I’m a certified mortgage professional based in Oakville Ontario, providing my services in the Greater Toronto area. We work with over 60 lenders (some offered exclusively through brokers) so you have the choice, convenience and great counsel that you deserve!

Mortgage Alliance is the most recognized and trusted mortgage brokerage in Canada and as a Mortgage Alliance professional, 

My Services

At Celia Schneider, our main objective is to deliver value to the mortgage consumer and make sure that you get the Right Mortgage.

Getting you the Right Mortgage means that we take the time to understand your situation and your needs, and use our expertise and knowledge to help you make the Right Mortgage decision. There are hundreds of different mortgage products out there - and the choices you make could save you thousands of dollars and take years off your mortgage. Let a qualified Mortgage Alliance Professional take care of your needs.

  • Choice... of over 60 lenders, from major banks to private sources.
  • Convenience... with one place to compare lenders and get the Right Mortgage for your needs.
  • Counsel... from an independent professional that works for you.
  • When you use the Right Broker, you get the Right Mortgage.

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